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Company Overview
U.S. Custom Bags is owned by Custom Bag Manufacturing, part of the International Manufacturing Group.  IMG is a leading Product Development and manufacturing group of companies.  The group is comprised of a multinational network of strategically partnered manufacturers and suppliers based throughout Asia and North America.

IMG Companies have been conducting business throughout Asia and North America since 1999.  Custom Bag Manufacturing (U.S. Custom Bags) is the North American manufacturing and distribution arm for sewn goods and industrial textiles.  In addition, Custom Bags sources products to resort hotels and casino's.

Samples IMG has design specialists and engineers fluent in design software such as AutoCad and SolidWorks. This type of experience and expertise allows IMG to manufacture our clients products according to their exact design and specifications, in addition to providing alternative options to increase the marketability and lower production costs.
Manufacturing and Production - IMG has a consortium of factories that specialize in manufacturing products for the hospitality, healthcare, consumer electronics and other related industries. Our management team is comprised of Americans that are fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Mandarin Chinese, working alongside highly educated and capable Chinese production managers. As a result, we are able to successfully communicate product specifications to our manufacturing partners.
Product Quality Control - We have quality control manager’s working side by side with our manufacturing partners around the clock, keeping a close eye on the production and manufacturing of your product.
In addition, we have extensive quality control systems in place to ensure the highest quality product at the most economical price is delivered to our clients.
Product Sourcing – Aside from our own manufacturing partnerships, we also have extensive alternative resources and contacts throughout Asia and North America, allowing us to source products for our clients which are already in production or that may be easily redesigned.
Shipping and Logistics - We offer our clients the best shipping service in the industry. IMG has strategic alliances with the largest shipping and logistic companies in the world. These companies have the ability to track your product via GPS from any port in China clear all the way to your final destination. In addition by owning our own Trading company in China, we can offer products to our clients at a much lower cost than our competitors.
We provide our clients with weekly updated information on the status and location of their shipments via email updates.
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